31st May 2018

It's been 10 years since the first public release of Poise! Thanks to everyone who has supported the project in one way or another. Poise wouldn't be here today without you! Thanks to all the people who have shared music written using Poise & Grace. Hearing your tunes has definitely been one of the highlights!

One Small Clue is going on hiatus. My life has changed path and I'm now struggling to find the time and energy to continue development and provide sufficient customer support. This decision saddens me but it cannot be avoided any longer.

Poise sales will be suspended. Grace will remain available and can continue to be downloaded. This website and the members section will remain online for the next 12 months at minimum. Please make a backup of any installers required.

Thanks again for your support over the years!

10th March 2016

Grace has been updated to version!