Poise Version History

Version (2 June 2016)

  • Removed bug reporting due to privacy concerns.

Version (19 April 2016)

  • Bug Fix: Poise looses cut/cutby values when rendering drum pads. http://www.forum.onesmallclue.com/viewtopic.php?id=54
  • Bug Fix: There were occasional clicks and pops when previewing samples.

Version (18 February 2016)

  • Latency reduced to 2 samples!
  • New: Added options to force specific VST IDs.
  • New: Missing files can now be replaced after loading a project.
  • Change: Product name is now same as the filename.
  • BugFix: Preview player was playing all samples as mono.
  • BugFix: Missing samples were silently dropped from patches if the host project was saved.
  • BugFix: The missing sample "open" dialog now contains the missing sample filename.

Version (9 December 2015)

  • New: Added four drumkits from ModeAudio.
  • BugFix: Poise would raise an AV error when attempting to save a drum kit multiple times in a row.
  • BugFix: Poise would crash when loading a drum kit.
  • BugFix: The installers weren't writing data to the Windows registry correctly. Subsequently the content installer would fail in some situations.

Version (3 September 2015)

  • Change: Remove 'sample load quality' option. It's no longer needed.
  • BugFix: Poise was reporting an incorrect latency amount.
  • BugFix: The drum pads weren't rendering correctly when being resampled. The beginning of the sample would be cut off.
  • BugFix: Options weren't being saved in Bitwig Studio.

Version (27 July 2015)

  • Sound quality improvements. Poise is now using better quality interpolation and two times oversampling for sample file playback.
  • Pad text is now clipped to fit within drum pad graphics
  • Saving would cause the host audio to stutter. (GetChunk() was inadvertently blocking the audio thread.)
  • Bug Fix: The directory select dialog used in the "Preferences" window would open behind the Poise GUI when used in Reaper 64bit, when Poise was running as a bridged plugin.

Version (13 January 2015)

  • New: Poise now shows some custom dialogs inside the Poise GUI frame. Previously these dialogs were shown externally in their own window.
  • Bug Fix: Drum pad context menu Cut & Paste commands weren't working. The target pad would be reset.
  • Bug Fix: Modal dialogs would open behind the Poise GUI and host GUI in some circumstances. The host application would appear to hang.

Version (23 June 2014)

  • Muting drum pads when the left mouse button is released is now optional. Previously drum pads were always muted.
  • Poise will now send MIDI Note events when triggering a drum pad with the mouse.
  • Bug Fix: Poise would crash if it didn't have permission to write in it's debug data directory.
  • Bug Fix: Poise was failing to recall sample layer velocity ranges correctly in some situations.
  • Bug Fix: A loud click would sometimes be heard when delaying a sample onset (using the Sample Offset control). More noticable if the sample end marker was also not on a zero-crossing.
  • Bug Fix: Some drum pad names refused to show on the GUI.
  • Bug Fix: Text in browser isn't scrambled after adding new directories.

Version (24 May 2014)

  • Bug Fix: Checking for the "data dir" shortcut could cause an AV error.
  • Bug Fix: The GUI wasn't resizing in Samplitude Pro X version 12.
  • Bug Fix: Poise was unable to normalise samples after a sample layer was duplicated.
  • Improved Geist drum kit import.
  • Samples can now be loaded via Copy and Paste. (Copy samples files from windows explorer. Select a Poise drum pad then paste to load.)
  • Several drum pad options have been added to the drum pad context menu. Previously these drum pad options could only be modified via unlabelled graphic controls on the GUI.

Version (29 May 2013)

  • Bug Fix: Sample points didn't update when moved via midi automation.
  • Bug Fix: AIF files should now load correctly on 64-bit builds. Previously AIF files would only load on 32-bit builds.
  • Bug Fixed: Using hotkeys to change drum kits wouldn't work correctly in Reaper. The drum kit loading dialog would pop up whenever a drum kit would change. The dialog would steal the keyboard focus from Poise. The focus wasn't returned to Poise after the loading dialog closed. The problem has been fixed showing the dialog inside the Poise GUI window.
  • Change: Audio Preview code has been updated to use the same sample loading code as the audio engine. This should fix problems with some samples loading on the drum pads but not previewing.

Version (22 May 2013)

  • Change: Poise will now show a message when samples can't be loaded.
  • Several fixes to the new audio file loading code introduced in the last update.

Version (14 May 2013)

  • Added Muon SR-202 kit import.
  • Skins with incorrect image sizes now render correctly. (Images were not being resized in previous versions of Poise.)
  • Change: Improved Next/Previous sample loading.
  • Change: Hotkeys Debugging panel only shows in debug builds.
  • Bug Fix: Would crash while loading .aif files.
  • Improved support for 24 bit .wav files.
  • Known Problem: The 64-bit build will crash during drag and drop operations on some computers. This bug is being worked on. Please get in touch if it affects you.

Version (12 November 2012)

  • Bug Fix: Browser was causing serious errors.

Version 1.1.43 (9 November 2012)

  • Added 'Save Trigger Map As Default' command.
  • The MPC skin was rendering incorrectly. Fixed.

Version 1.1.42 (17 September 2012)

  • Bug Fix: Drum pad names weren't reported to the host correctly. Therefore hosts were unable to display drum pad names in their piano rolls.
  • Bug Fix: The Waveform display wasn't being updated when changing drum pads.
  • Bug Fix: Beta version: Didn't draw the CUT/CUT BY text in the correct postion on the drum pad.
  • Bug Fix: Beta version: The preview volume knob image was the incorrect size in the default skin (Mild Gray).
  • Change: Studio One: Poise now always enables the maximum number of outputs when used within Studio One.

Version 1.1.34 (26 July 2012)

  • Released a 64-bit BETA version.
  • MixCraft 6: Automating layer parameters would cause MixCraft to hang.
  • Removed bug reporting component which was causing crashes in some hosts.

Version 1.1.19 (18 April 2012)

  • Bug Fix: MIDI learn configuration wasn't being saved.
  • Bug Fix: "Reload Samples" command wasn't working correctly.
  • Bug Fix: "Choose Sample Editor" command would cause an access violation error.
  • Bug Fix: Previously locked pads would be overwritten when slcing and importing a loop. Now the locked pad data is not overwritten.
  • Bug Fix: ProTools - Outputs are now fixed to 16 stereo outs.
  • Change: Modified the Hotkey method. Previously hotkeys were being captured in Reaper when Poise wasn't in focus. The new method hasn't been tested in all hosts.
  • Change: "Poise Data.xml" can now use a relative path to locate the data folder.
  • Change: Default output count option is not shown in hosts that don't support output configuration changes.
  • Change: Hotkeys now work in Orion.

Version 1.1.18 (17 January 2012)

  • The "Poise Data.xml" can now use relative paths to locate the Poise Data directory.
  • Bug Fix: Older skins using the JSON format for config files did not work.

Version 1.1.17 (12 January 2012)

  • New: Added a "Save Drum Kit to Project Folder..." command for Reaper users.
  • Change: The location of the Poise data folder can be specified in an XML document in the VST plugin folder instead of in the registry.
  • Change: Poise now automatically searches for missing files in the drum kit and sample directories.
  • Change: FL Studio 10. The output configuration is now fixed to 16 stereo outputs.
  • Bug Fix: FL Studio 10. Projects using Poise with multiple outputs weren't restored correctly.
  • Bug Fix: Cubase 5.5. Outputs weren't configured properly.
  • Bug Fix: Configuration files were saved to the drive root if the Poise data directory couldn't be found.

Version 1.1.13 (19 December 2011)

  • Bug Fix: FL Studio 10 would hang when the Poise GUI was open.

Version (13 December 2011)

  • Error reporting is now optional and off by default. Previously, error reporting was always on, but required confirmation before sending any reports.

Version 1.1.1 (30 November 2011)

  • Bug Fix: In ProTools the GUI did not draw itself correctly when first opened.
  • Bug Fix: The "Velocity Split" and "Velocity Remove Overlap" commands did not work correctly. They were leaving small gaps in a pads velocity mapping. Pads would not trigger when the velocity fell in gaps between samples.
  • Bug Fix: Previewing 24 bit PCM wavefiles in the browser would hang Poise.
  • Active pads are now killed on sequencer stop.
  • Sending a MIDI panic message to Poise will now kill all active drum pads.
  • Hotkeys should now work in FL Studio 9.
  • Hotkeys might work in Renoise (some more testing needs to be done).
  • Improved how the hotkeys work. The improvements will make it easier and quicker to fix hotkey problems in future.

Version 1.0.78 (1 August 2011)

  • New: Drag & Drop Export Render feature. [Ctrl]+[Alt]+[Drag & Drop] Drum Pad will export an automatically rendered version of the drum pad.
  • New: Geist Kit format support added.
  • New: "Render Pad To Disk" and "Save Render Only" commands.
  • New: Load Previous / Next Sample hot keys. [B / N]
  • The parameter scaling for the ADSR amplitude envelope was very poor in the lower ranges. This has been improved.
  • When attempting to edit sample files that only existed in RAM, Poise would fail silently. Now Poise will give the option to save the sample file to disk, then open the sample editor.
  • Bug Fix: The ADSR amplitude envelope didn't work correctly with very small decay times.
  • Bug Fix: Auto-select pads was temporairly disabled after selecting "edit sample with..." command
  • Bug Fix: Poise would occasionally crash when changing drum kits.
  • Bug Fix: Rendered sample volume levels are now consistent when "velocity to amplitude" modulation amounts are less then 100%.
  • Bug Fix: GUI resizing in Sonar should now work.
  • Bug Fix: GUI resizing in Cubase 5.5.3 now works correctly.
  • Bug fix: Hang-on-exit bug has been fixed. This bug would only show on some machines. It was related to improper thread handling when previewing samples in the browser.
  • Bug Fix: when loading more then 8 samples, an error dialog shows. This shouldn't happen.
  • Bug Fix: Individual sample layers are now only selected by MIDI when the host sequencer is stopped. (Previously automatic drum pad selection was surpressed, but individual sample layers were still selected.

Version 1.0.71 (24 May 2011)

  • Added "Export Cell + Samples In Folder" command.
  • All .txt files whould show in the browser and drum kit menu as valid drum kits. Now only LM4 format .txt files show as kits. Regular .txt files are filtered out and hidden.
  • Bug Fix: Version 1.0.69 had issues with multi-threaded processing (FL Studio, Buzz etc).

Version 1.0.69 (14 May 2011)

  • Bug Fix: Poise would leak memory when loading older binary format kits with embedded sample data.
  • Bug Fix: MIDI input was incorrectly processed and could cause a crash if multiple MIDI events were received with identical deltaframe values.
  • Bug Fix: The sample display was not updated after the "New Drum Kit" command. This could lead to a crash.
  • Bug Fix: Poise would crash during the initialization stage if unable to find the windows application data folder. (Due to an unhandled exception.)
  • Ubuntu & Wine: Browser and drum kit menu items should now be ordered alphabetically.
  • Drum pads could click when triggered with the mouse. (Amplitude envelope release time was too short.)
  • Exported drum pads now reference sample files instead of storing sample data in the drum pad file. (Monolithic drum pad files are problematic when saving modified drum kits.)
  • Exported drum pad data is now saved using XML instead of a custom binary format.
  • Improved relative path support when saving drum kits and drum pads. Previously samples could only be saved with a relative path if they were in a directory below the location of the drum kit file. Now drum kits can be saved using fully relative paths for sample files. This will help with drum kit creation for 3rd party sample libraries.

Version 1.0.66 (14 April 2011)

  • Bug Fix: Poise failed Studio One's plugin scanning stage on some setups.
  • Improvement: Poise is now more resilient when MIDI input contains invalid MIDI events. Previously invalid MIDI data would cause Poise to crash.

Version 1.0.65 (7 April 2011)

  • New: Sample normalisation is now per sample and can be changed at any time. Sample normalisation used to be a global option.
  • New: Added support for pitchbend and modulation wheel MIDI input.
  • New: Added support for .gru files (GURU song format).
  • Configuration files are now saved in the Windows application data directory instead of the VST plugin directory. This prevents problems when Poise is run with limited user access privileges under Windows Vista & Windows 7.
  • Reaper x64: Added support for GUI resizing.
  • Reaper x64: Added support for hotkeys.
  • Hot keys now work in MultiTrackStudio
  • Poise now uses better quality resampling routines when loading and saving sample files.
  • Bug Fix: Poise was crashing Reaper when a project was loaded. Poise wasn't handling midi input correctly.
  • Bug Fix: Sliced loops were saved without a filename extension.
  • Bug Fix: Sample preview sometimes stopped working on multicore systems.
  • Bug Fix: Knob value pop up hints disappear and do not display correctly.
  • Bug Fix: Phase flipped samples weren't drawn correctly.
  • Bug Fix: When importing loops, the sliced looped sections would later be reloaded with the wrong volume.
  • Bug Fix: When previewing samples in the browser, the sample preview player would click when changing to a new sample.
  • Bug Fix: Midi key names now work in PreSonus Studio One.
  • Bug Fix: Maximum buffer size was not set correctly in all circumstances.

Version 1.0.56 (18 January 2011)

  • New: Sample normalisation is now per sample and can be changed at any time. Sample normalisation used to be a global option.
  • Improvement: Added support for .gru files (GURU song format).
  • Improvement: Poise now uses high quality resampling when loading and saving sample files.
  • Change: Poise will save sample files as 44100 hz, 32 bit wave files (if the files do not already exist on disk).
  • Change: Tweaked parameter scaling for amplitude envelope and FX parameters.
  • Change: Parameter scaling of amplitude envelope knobs and effect parameter knobs has been changed. This improves parameter resolution in the lower knob range. This does not break backwards compatibility and all projects will still sound the same.
  • Bug Fix: Reaper 3.73 crashes when loading a project using Poise.
  • Bug Fix: When importing loops, the sliced looped sections could later be reloaded with the wrong volume.
  • Bug Fix: Midi key names now work in PreSonus Studio One.
  • Bug Fix: Hot keys now work in MultiTrackStudio
  • Bug Fix: The sample preview player would click when selecting a different sample.
  • Bug Fix: Phase flipped samples weren't drawn correctly.
  • Bug Fix: Sample preview sometimes stopped working on multicore systems.
  • Bug Fix: Knob values do not display correctly.
  • Bug Fix: Loop slices were saved without a file name extension when saving drum kits. (when using the "Import Loop" command.)

Version 1.0.49 (15 November 2010)

This is a significant update. Quite a few bug fixes and general improvements.

  • Mouse wheel support added.
  • Hotkey support added for Sony Acid Pro
  • Browser is much more responsive when containing many items.
  • Drum kit menu has been improved.
  • New beat-slicing algorithm for loop import. Instead of loading the first 16 beats, a loop is split into 16 approximately equal pieces. Slice points will favour distinct beats.
  • Volume range has been increased.
  • Poise now compatible with Ableton Live's parameter automation system.
  • The midi automation scheme has been improved.
    - All midi automation applies to the selected drum pads and sample layers instead of being drum pad specific.
    - More midi automation targets.
    - Midi automation bindings are automatically saved and loaded.
  • New Options dialog and several improvements to the way Options settings are handled.
  • Selectable font sizes in browser.
  • The Note Map system has been improved and renamed to Trigger Map.
  • Triger Maps contain 'region' information for each pad. (Low Note, High Note, Root Note, Midi Channel) This allows for custom pad arrangements that weren't possible with the 'Note Maps' scheme.
  • Added "Invert Drum Pads" option.
  • Rudimentary import of Battery format drum kits.
  • Rudimentary import of Guru format drum kits.
  • Import of LM4 drum kits now more forgiving. (ie doesn't throw errors when finding unexpected stuff in LM4 text files).
  • Bug fix: Drum pad amplitude envelopes have been tweaked to reduce clicks when pads are either muted or retriggered.
  • Bug fix: Sometimes the sample display would trigger an access violation error when being redrawn after loading a drum kit.
  • Bug fix: Poise would crash if it attempted to change it's output configuration in Sonar.
  • Bug Fix: Using multiple instances of Poise at the same time on a multi-core system could cause a CPU spike leading to audio drop-outs. This problem was more pronouced when triggering multiple instances simultaneously.
  • Bug Fix: Changing output counts would crash Cubase 5. Poise now defaults to 16 outputs (unless renaming the dll file). Individual outputs can be activated/ignored within Cubase 5.
  • Bug Fix: Right click an amplitude envelope knob -> "Set All Layers" would cause an error.

Version 1.0.20 (9 March 2010)

Since releasing Poise I have been unhappy with the amplitude envelope behaviour. It hasn't been intuitive to set the envelope settings because their behaviour changes depending on the play mode used. One of the common support questions is ?How can I get the amp envelope to do [...]??

The last update included a new play mode, 'Auto', but after having a conversation with Michi_mak I've decided that was a mistake. I've removed the 'Auto' mode. Poise now defaults to ?One-shot? mode. While in ?One-shot? mode, the release stage of the amplitude envelope is ignored. Previously the release knob would still be shown on the GUI, now the release knob is hidden.

  • Change: 'Auto' play mode removed.
  • Change: Amplitude release knob is now hidden when using 'One-shot' play mode.
  • Bug Fix: Hot keys now work in Ableton Live.
  • Bug Fix: An access violation error would occur when opening the GUI while using a skin with missing images.

Version 1.0.19 (2 March 2010)

  • Change: new skin color properties added.
    - PadControlLabelColor
    - BrowserLabelColor
    - SampleControlLabelColor
  • Change: Gem theme now default
  • Change: Normalising samples on load is now optional.
  • Imporvement: Added a third play mode, "Auto". It is a hybrid of the "Note-On" and "One Shot" modes. Samples will play to the end when envelopes are off. Envelopes will have their release stage triggered on midi note-off events.
  • Improvement: Some general improvements when searching for lost files.
  • Improvement: Drum kit data folders aren't shown in the browser anymore.
  • Improvement: [Ctrl + Alt + Drag and drop one pad to another pad] will set up a pad link.
  • Improvement: Triggering a pad with the mouse now also triggers all linked pads.
  • Improvement: Pads are now triggered with different velocities depending on where they are clicked.
  • Improvement: Layers triggered with the mouse will trigger with appropiate velocities.
  • Improvement: The "select pad with midi note" option now also selects the triggered layer.
  • Improvement: When clicking a pad, the triggered layer will automatically be shown.
  • Improvement: All previous search paths are used when searching for a missing sample file.
  • Improvement: 'Learn all trigger notes' now works a little differently.
  • Bug Fix: When importing a cell, velocity ranges were sometimes restored incorrectly.
  • Bug Fix: Loading more then 8 sample files on a pad would lead to a crash.
  • Bug Fix: When dragging a sample from one pad to another, multiple samples would sometimes be moved.
  • Bug Fix: Loading projects saved with the demo version would cause errors.
  • Bug Fix: After learning trigger notes, parameters weren't able to be adjusted.

Bug fixes related to new save/load methods introduced in version 1.0.15

  • Bug Fix: Amplitude envelope type wasn't restored when loading projects/kits.
  • Bug Fix: Relative paths are now stored in the drum kit files.
  • Bug Fix: sample file locations weren't saved correctly
  • Bug Fix: Some changes to the the way embedded sample data was saved.
  • Bug Fix: Velocity values from older drum kits were read incorrectly.

Version 1.0.15 (5 February 2010)

  • Change: If any sample data is orphaned from sample files, Poise will automatically embed the sample data into the project file.
  • Bug Fix: Resaving a drum kit using the "Save Drum Kit + Samples in Folder" option would cause the existing sample files to be deleted.
  • Bug Fix: Amplitude envelope knobs were sometimes not updated to show the correct value.
  • Bug Fix: The browser will sometimes automatically adjust it's position after a folder is opened or closed. If it does, the mouse cursor position will change relative to the position of the browser and in some cases a sample file would be previewed.

Version 1.0.13 (28 January 2010)

  • Improvement: Pads now have a voice mode property (Mono/Poly).
    Poly is the default and allows pads to play overlapped notes.
    Mono prevents notes from overlapping.
  • Improvement: 'Pad Release mode' has been replaced by 'Play Mode'.
  • Improvement: Choke groups have been replaced by the more flexible Cut/Cut by scheme. Poise did have Cut/Cut by functionality but it was a non-standard implementation and was confusing to use.
  • Improvement: The Auto, Name and Samples buttons have all been removed. Their purpose was either cryptic or unnecessary.
    The Auto button has been replaced by a 'Select pad with midi notes' in the drum pad context menu.
    The Name button has been replaced by a 'View' option in the drum pad context menu.
  • Improvement: The pad output selection control has changed from a numeric knob to a pop-up menu.
  • Improvement: The pad mute/solo indicators are now less visually overwhelming.
  • Improvement: Cut/Cut by drum pad indicators are now the same color as the drum pad text.
  • Improvement: The pitch knobs were impossible to adjust accurately. They now snap to semitone and cent values.
  • Improvement: Pad Lock added. When loading a drum kit, locked pads will not be altered.
  • Improvement: The hot key routines have been tweaked slightly to improve support for having multiple Poise GUIs open at the same time. (Hot keys were linked to the most recent opened GUI.) This hasn't been tested extensively but appears to work correctly so far.
  • Bug Fix: The pad layer mode button wasn't updated when loading a sample on an empty drum pad.
  • Bug Fix: Folders not containing any samples or child folders were unable to be closed.
  • Bug Fix: Linked pads didn't receive note-off events.
  • Bug Fix: Help text in status bar would disappear after adjusting a knob, even when the cursor was still above the knob.
  • Bug Fix: Mute and Solo light colours on the drum pad weren't set correctly when reading skin config.ini file.
  • Bug Fix: [Podium] Poise would steal focus from Podium when the GUI was opened. Even when hot keys weren't enabled.

Version 1.0.11 (13 January 2010)

  • New: Added an ADSR envelope.
  • New: Added a Pad Link option. A drum pad will be trigged when it's linked pad triggers.
  • New: Support added for midi note names. (Midi note will show the name of the drum pad.)
  • Improvement: Made changes to the Amplitude envelope drawing process to improve envelope visibility.
  • Improvement: Phase flipped samples are now drawn correctly. They were being drawn identically to non flipped samples.
  • Bug Fix: The Poise GUI was consuming excess CPU cycles when the browser was visible.
  • Bug Fix: Midi learn menu wasn't responding to mouse clicks.
  • Bug Fix: Poise wasn't opening files correctly. In some situations this could lead to a crash. (Files were being opened with share mode set for exclusive use.)
  • Bug Fix: The GUI was using excess CPU when covered by another window. (The Choke and Output numeric controls weren't updated correctly).

Version (1 September 2009)

  • VST window did not resize correctly in Cubase.

Version (7 August 2009)

  • Reaper 2 didn't support Vst's changing their GUI size. Poise worked around this by changing Reaper's Vst container window size directly. As of Reaper 3 this work-around seems to be causing problems and Reaper 3 now appears to support Vst GUI size changes (via the standard VST interface. :) The work-around has been disabled for Reaper version 3 and up.
  • Instead of using the left and right mouse buttons to individually grab the loop start and loop end markers in the wave display, the left mouse button will now always grab and move the closest. (The old method didn't work correctly sometimes)
    This frees up the right mouse button to show a context menu when the sample is right clicked for sample operations such as reverse or phase flip. These options are often missed by new users.
  • Output selection is now limited by available outputs instead of the max 16.
  • Velcicty Ex. mode now displayed as Velocity instead of Vel.Ex.
  • "Hotkeys" and "One Click Trigger" options now enabled by default.
  • Paremeter reset (for knobs) now also works with Ctrl+Click.
  • Bug fix: When editing a velocity range, the selected layer sometimes wouldn't update correctly.
  • Bug fix: Initially, the upper limit of the velocity range sliders were being set to 127 instead of being normalised to the 0..1 range.
  • Bug fix: The visibility state of the labels wasn't being updated correctly when switching skins. Labels were failing to appear.
  • Bug fix: Parameter reset wouldn't work if no samples were loaded on a drum pad.

Added new skin properties to the skin "config.ini" file:
(All are optional)
  • [Image Links]
  • [Image Links]
  • [Colors]

One skin property is now ignored:
  • [Other Settings]

Version (27 June 2009)

  • Fix: Oops, didn't wire up the midi through option properly.

Version (26 June 2009)

  • New hotkey: SHIFT+ENTER will replace the currently selected sample.
  • Added option to flip the phase of a sample. (Right click the sample layer icon in the waveform display.)
  • Midi pass through is now optional. By default Poise will pass though all midi in all hosts except Podium. (The midi pass though setting is saved per project.)

Version (15 June 2009)

  • Fixed: When loading drum kits, Poise wouldn't find the samples after the drum kit file was moved.

Version 1.0.10 (11 June 2009)

  • To reduce save data sizes, missing or orphaned sample data is no longer automatically embedded into the project file. A message dialog will pop up instead. (This should help with sluggish-ness problems in Reaper.)
  • Drum kit load and save times are much faster now.
  • Midi is now passed through to output.
  • Amplitude envelope attack time now defaults to 0 instead of 1.
  • Page Up / Page Down now work to navigate the browser.
  • "Export kit with samples in file" (the monolithic drum kit format) has been removed to improve compatability with Reaper. Poise will still load existing kits saved using the monolithic format. (To avoid removing the option for monolithic drum kits, a restructure of the drum kit format and a involved code rewrite would have been needed.)
  • If only one folder is added to the browser, it will automatically expand when the GUI is opened.
  • The behaviour of the browser scroll bar has been fine tuned a little.
  • Added rudimentary support for importing LM-4 and MPC 1000 drum kit files. Improvements and more formats are planned.
  • Added support for SND files. (Akai MPC etc)
  • Added support for AIFF files. (8,16,24 and 32 bit AIFF file supported.)
Bug Fixes:
  • Loading drum kits no longer freezes the GUI.
  • Clicking a pad while holding Ctrl and Alt keys would cause an error.
  • Drum kit files dropped on a pad from windows explorer were being ignored.
  • There was an error when dragging and dropping more than 8 samples on a single pad.
  • Long samples (longer then 10 seconds) would play with very loud noise bursts.
  • keyboard shortcuts in Podium didn't work properly. (Keyboard hook was attached to the wrong window).
  • Pressing the left arrow key immediately after opening the GUI would cause an 'access violation' error and possibly crash the host.
  • Fixing the bug causing EnergyXT 2 to crash while changing the output count had the side effect of making Poise unable to change it's output count in Reaper. A work-around has been added to fix this for Reaper users. (Reaper doesn't report it's ability to accept IO changes correctly.)
  • In some situations, a drum kit would load with incorrect sample paths.
  • Layer mode button visability state wasn't updated correctly when cutting or pasting pads.
  • When operating in fixed-output mode, output config menu options are now hidden.


  • New: "Poise.dll" file can be renamed to "Poise xx Out.dll" where xx specifies the number of outputs. (1 to 16 stereo outputs are valid). This allows Poise with different output configurations to be used in hosts which do not support plugins with variable input/output configuartions (such as EnergyXT 2 or Bidule).
  • Fixed: Hosts that do not support plugins changing their input/output counts would crash.
  • Possible Fix: Replacing a sample in Podium could cause a crash.


  • Mouse wheel support for the browser added. (Round 2)
  • Fixed: There was an another issue with projects not being loaded.


  • The demo limitations have changed.
    - Saving has been disabled.
    - The demo is limited to one instance.
    - There is no time out for the evaluation period.
    - There is no noise in the output.
  • Modified save routines. Some drum kits were not loading properly and kit could become corrupt. If anybody has any problems loading drum kits please let me know.
  • Rename now renames all selected pads.
  • Poise allows multiple cells and layers to be selected, but de-selecting them hasn't been intuitive. Cell and layer de-selection now works as it does in windows. (ie. Click selected item and release).
  • The way the delete key works hase been changed.
    - Add samples to a drum cell, press delete, only the newly added layers will be deleted.
    - Click on a drum pad, press delete, the entire drum cell will be deleted.
    - Select a cell layer, press delete, only the selected layer will be deleted.
  • The layer selection method has changed to improve consistency.
    - Double click no longer selects/deselects all layers.
    - Dragging a layer no longer moves the layer.
    - Dragging across the layers now selects those layers, the same as dragging across the drum pads.
    - Dragging layers from the wave display to a drum pad will move the selected layers to the new pad.
  • When multiple drum pads are selected, Pad de-selection has been changed to mimic Windows.
  • Added a 'Progress' dialog when loading and saving drum kits. The dialog boxes are optional. Reaper users are recommended to turn them off.
  • One click to trigger a pad option added.
  • Added mouse wheel support for the browser. (Can somebody confirm if it works or not. I don't own a mouse with a mouse wheel.).
  • Poise will now ask for a temporary file folder if a sample needs to be edited or copied and the sample file doesn't exist.
  • Browser can now see drum kit files (.dkt). Load drum kits by dropping on a pad or pressing enter.
  • The 'End' key triggers the selected drum pad.
  • Updated some skin functionality. - Skins now use a config.ini file instead of a config.txt file. The INI file format is easier to read and edit.
    - New skin variables added.
    -- SelectedNodeColor
    -- SelectedNodeAlpha (Valid values range from 0 to 255)
    - Cells and Drumkits now have icons when viewed in the browser.
  • "Save Kit + Embed Samples" changed to "Export Kit (one large file)". Functionality remains the same.
  • Save Kit + Samples will check for an existing sample directory and delete any contents if need be.
  • A couple of checks have been added to ensure sample data isn't lost when saving projects or drum kits.
  • Updated about box, added credits for skin creators.
  • Poise is drag+drop compatible with ImageLine Edison again.
  • Fixed: CPU spike bug. When triggering long samples (5 seconds+) the CPU load would spike, causing audio dropouts in some circumstances.
  • Fixed: Renaming pads would trigger a window's warning sound.
  • Fixed: The pitch envelope wasn't being reset properly when a drum voice was retriggered.
  • Fixed: Sample offset wasn't being saved.
  • Fixed: After loading a drum kit, the sample path info could sometimes be incorrect leading to 'missing' samples.
  • Fixed: Poise was holding onto excess ram after loading patches.
  • Fixed: The mouse-over indicator on the sample list box didn't update correctly when the mouse left via the top of the control.
  • Fixed a problem with GUI scaling.
  • Fixed: When saving a FXP or FXB in EnergyXT, Poise would still capture keystrokes.

Version 1.0.9

  • New: Added a release mode parameter for each drum pad.
    - Release mode can have three values. No Release, Release on retrigger and release on note-off.
    - Release mode controls how Poise responds to note-on and note-off events.
  • Fixed: Triggering a cell after swapping could cause audio artifacts.
  • Fixed: Swapping a cell with one on a selected drum pad could cause audio artifacts.
  • Fixed: Sample Layer knobs didn't update correctly with no samples loaded. IE. Their behaviour was very funky.
  • Fixed: Non 44100 samplerate releated bug.
  • Fixed: Several GUI components were not using the colours specified by the skin config file.
  • Fixed: Samples weren't always triggered when velocity was on the edge of its velocity range.
  • Fixed: The balance parameter recall has again been 'fixed'.
  • Fixed: When reseting a pad, the waveform display wasn't updated correctly.

Version 1.0.8

  • Improved skin support.
    • Added a skin config file (config.txt) to allow font colours and other attributes to be changed.
    • Added a 'skins' directory. The skins directory holds multiple skins. (Each skin should be in it's own sub-directory). The active skin can be changed in Poise's main menu.
  • Sample playback has been optimised.
  • Improved velocity range editing.
    • Added 'Split Velocity Ranges' function.
    • Added 'Remove Overlaps' function.
    • Added copy/paste functions to copy ranges from one pad to another.
    • Can now edit the velocity ranges while using 'Velocity' mode. Before the velocity ranges were calculated automatically.
  • It is now possible to select several sample layers (shift+click) and edit values for all sample layers simutaneously. Double clicking a sample layer will select all sample layers.
  • New shortcuts:
    - F2: rename current pad.
    - F5: show/hide the browser.
    - F6: Preview on/off.
    - F7: Auto select pad on/off.
  • Consistency between the different layer modes has been improved.
    - Dropping a sample on a pad will always load the sample to a new layer.
    - Dropping a sample on the waveform display will replace the current sample.
    NOTE: Dropping multiple samples on the waveform display will replace multiple samples. If there are no samples to replace, the samples will be loaded as normal. When replacing samples. The first selected sample will be replaced first.
  • Changed: When editing multiple pads, editing sample layer specific parameters (Amplitude attack, decay etc, ) will apply to all layers on all selected pads. Previously edits were only applied to the currently selected layer on the current pad.
  • Browser child node indent has been made smaller, to help limit the sideways drift.
  • Added option to clear trigger notes.
  • Changed the way samples are dragged from the browser. The change may have fixed the problem with the browser tree sometimes collapsing.
  • Fixed: Copy/Swap hints didn't show in the sample LCD when on the "edit velocity ranges" page.
  • Fixed: Midi learn indicator didn't disappear once midi learnt for a single knob.
  • Fixed: Pressing enter didn't load all samples selected in the browser.
  • Fixed: Browser didn't respond to Ctrl+Mouse Click events properly.
  • Fixed: Deselect all pads wasn't working properly.
  • Fixed: wfd WaveformColor parameter in the skin config file wasn't being read.
  • The pad rename dialog as been replaced. It now opens above the current pad instead of random places on the scree.
  • The mouse-over sample item hint has been changed.

Version 1.0.6

  • New: Multiple items can be dragged from the browser.
    - Multiple sample files will be spread across all selected Pads.
    - If only one Pad is selected, that Pad will load all samples.
  • New: Sample files can be dragged from a Pad to any application that will accept dropped files. (Drag while holding Crtl + Alt)
  • The browser has been re-written. This has allowed several issues to be addressed.
    - The graphic glitches have been fixed.
    - Overall responsiveness has been improved. The old browser felt quite clunky while sample preview was active. The improvement is most noticeable with larger samples.
  • New: Individual samples can now be moved or copied from one pad to another via drag and drop.
    To move: Select sample, drag and drop to the new Drum Pad.
    To copy: As above, but hold the control key down.
  • Improved resizing compatability with Reaper.
  • Fixed: Knob animations were jerky for some users.
  • Fixed: Pop-up hints were flickering for some users.
  • Fixed: An issue with the way patches/drums kits are saved.
  • New Hotkeys:
    Ctrl-X, Ctrl-C, Ctrl-V for cut/copy/paste pad operations.
    Tab, Shift+Tab to change current sample layer mode.

Version 1.0.2

  • Fixed: It wasn't possible to load saved Note Maps.
  • Fixed: Reseting a pad with multiple samples could lead to a crash.

Version 1.0.1

  • New: Added support for 32 bit PCM format .wav files.
  • Fixed: 8 bit .wav files were not being read correctly.

Version 1

  • New: Can now change the order of folders in the browser (click and drag).
  • Fixed: When using midi to auto select Pads they would be triggered with an incorrect velocity value.
  • Fixed: The sample displaying wasn't drawing reversed samples correctly.
  • The "Embed Samples In Project" option is now saved when saving a project instead of being saved in the options file.

Version 0.8 beta 8

  • Changes were rolled into the offical version 1 release.

Version 0.8 beta 7

  • Internal.

Version 0.8 beta 6

  • New: Added a "Learn Midi Controller" option when right clicking a knob.
  • New: Cut, Copy, Paste + Duplicate sample layers.
  • Fixed: Samples were not being normalised when a project was reloaded.
  • Fixed: The last update broke "Save Kit + Samples". It wasn't saving the samples to the correct location.
  • Fixed: Drum Pads would not trigger when using very short notes, combined with long sample offset times.
  • Fixed a small bug in the amplitude envelope drawing routine.
  • The browser no longer accepts key strokes when hot keys are not enabled.
  • Tweaked the hotkey + window resizing routines.
  • The attack stage of the amplitude envelope is now a tiny bit faster.
  • Changed Sample Layer Mode name, 'Cycle' to 'Round Robin'.
  • Changed 'Pad Data' to 'Cell'.

Version 0.8 beta 5

  • New: Set parameters for multiple sample layers.
    Right Click-Set All Layers...
    Will set all layers on all selected pads.
  • New: Added option to Import/Export Pad Data.
  • Min and Max values will be displayed in the Info bar when editing velocity ranges.
  • Hotkey functionality can be disabled. (It's off by default, enable in the main menu).
  • The Hot keys and Vst resizing routines were tweaked for compatability with Tracktion 3, Reaper, FL Studio.
  • A single click opens a folder.
  • Sample in browser is replayed when re-clicked.
  • Fixed: A bug when using multiple instances. (Hotkey related)
  • Fixed: 24 bit wavefiles weren't being read correctly. Only half the file would load.
  • Fixed: Right Clicking a knob would leave display artifacts.

Version 0.8 beta 4

  • Poise is still capturing keystrokes incorrectly. I've fixed this for Cubase users but there may still be problems in other hosts.
  • The VST window wasn't being resized correctly in Cubase. There still may be problems in other hosts.
  • Fixed: The pad Volume, Balance and Pitch knobs weren't updating until the next sample triggered.
  • Delete key now resets the selected pads.
  • A,D,S,W - can be used to change the selected pad.

Version 0.8 beta 3

  • New: Can embed samples in the project file.
  • New: Save Kit + Embed Samples.
  • Samples are normalised when loaded.
  • Click on Amp or Pitch envelope labels to turn on/off.
  • Velocity Ranges now move with the sample layers. (they used to be fixed).
  • Pad Effect settings are now remembered when changing between effects.
  • Ctrl-A selects/de-selects all drum pads.
  • Fixed: Poise was capturing key strokes when the GUI wasn't focused.
  • Fixed: Changing the output or choke group didn't work with multiple pads
  • Fixed: When loading a drumkit, the waveform display didn't update.
  • Fixed: Samples played at incorrect pitch with sample rates other then 44100.

Version 0.8 beta 2

  • Fixed a bug which could cause a loud hum in some hosts, including Cubase.

Version 0.8 beta 1

New Features:
  • "Pitched Mode" option to the main menu. When in "Pitched Mode" each drum pad will respond to one midi channel only. The incoming note will transpose the drum pad relative to the normal trigger note of the pad.
  • Mouse over tool-tips.
  • Variable number of stereo outputs.
    Using less outputs reduces CPU consumption.
  • Added right click menu to add, remove and rename sample folders.
  • Fixed: Samples with different samplerates are now played at the correct pitch.
  • Fixed: Sample preview would sometimes trigger an access violation error.
  • Fixed: Sample Info wasn't being updated correctly.
  • Fixed: Poise didn't recognise sample folders with names containing square brackets.
  • Fixed: Folders with their archive bit set were being ignored.
General Improvements:
  • Velocity Ranges for sample layers now works differently. In the last version, there was an option to turn off the velocity ranges, this has been removed. When using Random, Cycle or Layer modes, velocity ranges are always taken into account. But by default, all samples cover the entire velocity range. (So in effect, it is still optional.)
  • Smaller GUI. Some components have been moved about and/or replaced by smaller components.
  • Optimised CPU usage when Poise isn't doing anything.
  • Removed the Hard Clip effect. It was a bit too rough.
  • Reverted back to the previous method for setting the start and end points in the waveform display. The method of moving the closest marker was a bit unwieldly when zoomed in.
  • Pitch and Amp envelopes are drawn on the waveform display once again.
  • Improved hot key functionality.

After running this version for the first time. Poise will rename the "PoiseDirectories.ini" file to "PoiseDirectories.old". This file can be deleted.